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Prom Dress Trends worth Trying This Year!

The prom night is all about having a gala time, and it goes without saying that the right outfit is important. Shopping for prom is always confusing because there are literally hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. It’s a good idea to shop in advance, and make sure that you check online for options. When it comes to dresses and prom shoes and heels, online stores have more variety, and you can always try different designs and return the product that doesn’t fit the bill. Enough of jibber jabber, here are the prom dress trends worth trying this year.

  • Metallic is in. If you don’t mind being a tad loud for the night of the year, make sure that you go for a metallic outfit. From something as simple as silver-toned to more unique shades of green and blue, this is one trend that’s likely to stay, and you can choose any style and cut you like.
  • Sequins are a close second. For those who find metallics to be OTT, sequins are a good alternative. With sequined outfits, you can keep things simple and save on the cost of jewelry and accessories. Just make sure that you have a perfect pair of high heels that will accentuate the outfit to the next level.
  • Embroidery is back. A little more detailed outfit for the prom can turn heads, and embroidery has been trending for a while now. You can go for a mini dress that has embroidery or can choose for selected patch work on the top part of the outfit. It seems minimalism is not in vogue anymore!

  • Lace for the lady. Lace has the required softness and charm that makes it an ideal choice for big events, and it has been trending in prom outfits for the last couple of years. If you prefer things subtle, you can always go for something as simple as white or can choose to select a color that matches your skin tone.
  • Love for the pastels. Pastels and pantone shades have been in mainstream fashion for quite some time, and there are some amazing colors in pink, blue, green and yellow that you can check. Blush pink in particular has been a rage among young brides, and we think this is just the right color for girls who like it simple for the prom.

Check online now and start shopping!

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